Our Farm's Story

Welcome to our farm! 

We are James and Ashley McMullen, and we are a 5th generation family farm in Sedro Woolley, WA, nestled here in the beautiful Skagit Valley, at the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains. 

Our animals, pastures and gardens thrive on sunlight, rain and natural fertilizers {directly from the animal!}. We utilize natural methods of crop and pasture rotation, to ensure the highest sustainability and nutrients of our farm. Our lands and our animals are as whole and natural as God intended.

Homesteaded in 1913 by Albert and Mabel Johnson, all five generations have been raised here on this same slice of land, and the sixth generation are quickly learning the ropes! You can hear a bit of our family history told {here}, by Granny, in her interview with Steve McMinn from Pacific Rim Tonewoods. 

James' grandmother, Phyllis Queen was raised by her grandparents, Albert and Mabel, and when Phyllis and Ernest were married in 1952, the farm was entrusted to them to continue. Phyllis and Ernest Queen, Granny and Pops to all of us, have been the center of our lives; teaching us the meaning of hard work, discipline and determination for as long as we can remember. 

As a family farm, there was never a need or desire to "brand" as a business, this was their daily life. But when the reigns were passed down to us in 2015 after Pops passed, we wanted to honor them with an official farm name. 

With our love for France, and long history of studying the French language, we settled on Reine Acres. Reine is French for Queen - the perfect fit, in name and title! 

As we continue on this legacy, we strive to follow the principals of truly natural farming and animal husbandry, using organically minded methods. No buzzwords needed. Just good, honest practices, providing nutritious and wholesome food.

We may change things up and expand, but our roots are just as firm in practice as they were in 1913!