Beef Share - Half November 2023 Reservation

Beef Share - Half November 2023 Reservation


100% Grass fed & grain finished, pasture raised beef

This is an order reservation and deposit for one half beef. 

Beef processing for November 2023.

Deposit amount will be deducted from total amount due after processing.

Beef is Grass-fed & grain finished - $4.75/lb hanging weight
Total balance due will be sent after butchering.

Additional fees paid to the butcher at time of pick up:
•$110.00 Butcher fee ($55.00 for Half) + Cut & Wrap ($0.89/lb for primal cuts*.)

*Additional cut options available: jerky, patties, sausage, curing, corning, etc. - These are your choice and go through the butcher. Additional processing/curing fees may apply. Butcher fees subject to change. Inquire with butcher regarding pricing.

**Deposits are non-refundable.